Friday, August 20, 2010

Steam Sells Product Keys It Doesn't Own And Breaks Previously Purchased Games (failed to contact key server)

I recently purchased the DLC packs for borderlands from the Steam online content store. I have owned the main Borderlands game since the day it was released and decided to buy the DLC packs during steam's 'Midweek Madness' sale. After purchasing the content for my own account and my girlfriends I quickly became aware that my games were no longer functioning.

"failed to contact key server"

I received this error every time I tried to load the game no matter what. Turns out that steam did not have enough keys to handle the volume of sales. This didn't stop them from taking my money and then declaring my game pirated due to a lack of a genuine key. After 6 months of playing I paid extra to have my game broken.

The worst part is that this has all happened before. During the last borderlands sale users experienced the exact same problems and steam has done nothing to fix it. They just keep running sales and taking people's money when they do not have the products that they are selling. Just to make matters a little worse the process makes your currently owned games unplayable.

I submitted support requests to steam and I have only received computer generated responses. The steam forums are unusually absent of staff comments. Steam is showing very clearly here that they care much more about money and greed that providing a quality product and adequate customer service.